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Do you know how to choose the best SEO services in Kerala?

Your search for ‘SEO company Kerala’ or SEO company near me stops here because you have landed on the best SEO company in Kerala. We are almost certain that you reached this page after searching for SEO services Kerala. We work on creating unique content strategies and planning, to increase online users’ traffic to your website.

Unlike other SEO companies in Kerala, we focus on the complete evaluation of your firm and website before providing solutions. We aim to provide multiple approaches to raise your website to the top positions of search results thus boosting your leads. We have been providing SEO services in Kerala and abroad for years now.

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Ask these questions before choosing an SEO company in Kerala.

It becomes important to choose the most professional SEO Company in Kerala. Many companies that are involved in digital marketing provide SEO services on the side. These might not be the right option as many times people resort to black hat techniques that will make it look like you are en route to success. But by the time it is done, you could be blacklisted by Google and end up having to clean up their mess. So before you, Google SEO Kerala keep yourself updated with a little knowledge about SEO.

You don’t necessarily have to know everything about SEO to understand which SEO company Kerala is the right option for you. You just need to ask your potential SEO company the right questions.

What SEO techniques do you follow to get the desired results/ How will you increase our ranking?

If you find that you get a reply where they talk only about how many links they can build or provide you with strategies out of a textbook, run the other way. Very often these are people who know just the basics and will not be able to provide you with a strategy based on your firm.

A professional SEO company in Kerala will always get to know your company first so that they can properly analyse the underlying problems and then suggest solutions and techniques to improve business. What any business needs is a holistic approach that inculcates SEO practices in their general digital marketing too. There should be a perfect balance between on-site, off-site, and technical SEO.

How long until I start to see results?

If they claim that you can immediately see results, you need to be a little careful. A good SEO strategy takes time. It requires enough time to make corrections to the existing website, formulate a new plan, and put it into practice. However, it does not mean that your SEO company in Kerala cannot give you a time frame.

What are the different tools that you use?

You don’t need to know how to use these tools but provider can describe the different when this question is asked, and if your Google SEO services tools they use, it means that they are aware of the various advancements out there. If they tell you why they use a tool and not some other tool it means that they have been testing different applications to help them get better performance.

What according to you are the criteria for success in terms of SEO?

Honestly, no SEO company in Kerala can guarantee a number 1 ranking all the time. If you find a company that first asks what your need is out of this process, that’s the one you want.

Professional SEO services in Kerala will adjust their strategies based on your need. If you want to promote a local business or increase traffic to your website, then the company should be able to formulate plans based on that. Keep an eye for those who ask what your need is rather than just throwing around a bunch of technical jargon at you.

What is your link building approach?

Many SEO companies in Kerala will promise to provide you with thousands of backlinks. This is something you need to be wary of. What we need to first understand is that a legitimate high quality, authoritative and relevant link can do wonders for you compared to 100 low-value irrelevant links, which could ultimately lead to a penalty. Give chance to professional SEO services in Kerala that focus on quality links rather than falling for the trap of quantity of links.

How do you keep us up to date with the progress? Do you provide a report and if you do, what does it look like?

A company that is willing to provide you with regular updates on progress is the one you want. There are several reports that SEO companies in Kerala can provide to show the work they have done and how much impact it has created. Be open to companies that are transparent in providing reports. Ask for a report that they had provided to their previous client. There are specific results and measures of progress that they can surely provide. So be cautious of SEO company Kerala that are reluctant to do so.

Why we provide SEO services in Kerala?

The market is expanding at a great pace now. Google and other search engines occupy a great space in creating leads for business as consumers heavily rely on them. Many people are resorting to digital platforms to promote their businesses and websites. However, there isn’t sufficient expertise in the field to help people and guide them to transform their business online.

We have been working in this field for quite some time now and have created visible results that have improved the profits of our clients. As an SEO company in Kerala, this knowledge is something we would like to work with to benefit all local businesses and others alike.

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Why SEO is important?

Imagine spending money on designing the best website out there. You spend a lot of money making it attractive to your viewers with all the required information and much more, only to realize that nobody visits your website. So the question arises. How can you make your website visible to and accessible to potential viewers without having to spend money on advertisements?

Today at least 88% of consumers search the internet before buying any product and 80% of all searches are made on Google. Now once people search what they need, they naturally choose from the top 3 results provided. The rest of the results are usually ignored. So no matter how attractive your page might be, if your website isn’t on top of the list then you won’t get any traffic. This is where a search engine optimization company in Kerala plays a critical role. SEO techniques help your website rank higher than other competitors in response to some keywords that are used when searched.

When your page has a higher ranking, it helps more people to find you and when more people find you, you can organically increase your business profits. You probably would have searched ‘SEO company Kerala’ to land yourself on this page onlinecasinogo.ng. Google SEO company Kerala is the need of the hour in a time where most marketing is done digitally.

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Why are there too many SEO companies in Kerala and all the major cities?

Every digital marketing company and web designing company in Kerala has SEO as an add on service. This needs to be carefully considered. Keyword-based content creation and link building are not the only things that make up an SEO strategy. It requires immense knowledge about finding a holistic strategy that suits you. There are many nuances to SEO which most people are unaware of. Very few SEO companies in Kerala have a good understanding of SEO. Others just claim to know. This is why it is important to check how much knowledge an SEO company Kerala possesses.

Why choose Vineeth Mungath and team for your website SEO?

We have been working in this field for years now and we keep ourselves updated with each innovation and Google algorithm update. But if you want to know why you should choose us and not any other SEO services in Kerala, here’s why.

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We give you the results you want and beyond.

As the best SEO company in Kerala, we are determined to get you the results you require. We have several strategies up our sleeves to bring in more traffic and in turn, provide you with better business. We assure you that you will have measurable results with proof provided to you so that there is absolutely no doubt about how much of a difference our service makes in generating traffic to yours.

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We are specialists in the field of SEO services in Kerala.

There are generalists and then there are specialists. Generalists are those like we mentioned before, people who provide SEO as an add on service. Our expertise lies in SEO and our complete focus will be on this niche. This is why we have extensive resources and knowledge about SEO that would be the best for your business.

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100% transparency

We provide you with complete updates on the amount of work that has been put into making your website stand out. You will be provided with monthly or weekly reports depending on the kind of business and service you need. From letting you know about corrections to analyzing the capacity of your website and finding solutions, everything will be explained in detail to you. We are not interested in just getting a keyword ranked for you rather we aim to double or even triple your business through our services.

Different Types of SEO

What you need to understand is that SEO is not just link building and keyword researches. There are different types of SEOs, a combination of which can increase your visibility online powerfully. Most SEO services in Kerala are not even aware of this. Google SEO services must comprise of the following:

Technical SEO

This is what improves the readability of a site to provide a good user experience. The structure and quality of the site are looked into. Site speed, Mobile-friendliness, Crawlability, indexing, and security are some things that are looked into. For this, one should have knowledge in the field of web development and design.

Onsite SEO

This includes strategies to optimize the individual’s webpage so that the search engine understands the topic of the content and its relevance to a search made. For instance, when you google SEO Kerala and you find an SEO related page, this is how it works. For this purpose the page has to be optimized by using the right keywords, content must be regularly managed and monitored.

Offsite SEO

This is what builds your relationship with other websites thus strengthening your website. This deals with coming up with strategies to strengthen the authority and influence of your website. When done right they can help search engines understand that your website is established and will help in ranking your website. Making reliable and high-quality backlinks are a major component in off-site SEO.

Local SEO

Apart from this mainstream of SEO most of us are quite familiar with, if you have a local business based in a certain area, local SEO is the ultimate winner. Heard about ‘Google my business’? Google my business is a powerful way to get your business amazing traffic. It is sort of like an online business directory that lets your customers see all the required information about your business and even contact you when searched for.

This listing is shown even before the organic results that too quite prominently. It is a great way to promote your business geographically without having to pay for advertisements. There is an option to add ratings and reviews online making it a great way to gain trust from customers. As an SEO company in Kerala, we have observed that others do not give equal importance to GMB.

Other SEO related services we offer in Kerala

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SEO content writing

This refers to planning, using keywords, and writing for a webpage to rank on a search engine. It is focused on using specific words in the right place, categorizing information, and giving apt headings so that Google understands the relevance of the information for a keyword searched.

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SEO friendly website designing

SEO web designing simply means designing your website so that it is more search engine friendly. It simply means that Google or other search engines try to read or get information to understand the relevance of a webpage. SEO based websites allow for easy crawling and better user experience allowing more traffic. Your first step to a successful ranking is having an SEO friendly website. Our team of professionals makes sure you have the best.

Facebook page management and ads

Facebook is yet another great way to market your business. We have adept people to manage your Facebook page so that it is regularly active and manage ads. We will update you on the recent trends and everything you will need to kick off your business to greater heights

Google ads

Google provides the option of paid advertisements. These are the first few links that you see before the organic results. This is a great and effective way to promote your business and website. We can help you through the process and set up the perfect way to promote your business.

SEO services Kerala FAQ

Apart from everything we have mentioned on this page, we have compiled a few questions that we usually get from our clients.

Do I really need SEO?

Absolutely and positively, yes!

As mentioned before most people search for viable products and services online and most of these searches are made on Google. This is why it is essential to have SEO especially if you are a start-up or trying to make yourself more visible out there.

Can I do SEO by myself? Why should I hire an SEO company in Kerala to do it for me?

You can definitely do SEO by yourself provided you keep yourself updated with Google’s algorithm and you have the technical know-how. So the question then becomes do I know enough to do SEO by myself. Doing SEO for your own company is a job by itself and it will require you to take important time from your stream of work. It would be apt to hire the best SEO company in Kerala to do it for you. Because then you can focus on your work while we take care of everything else.

Is there a minimum time that I have to sign up with you?

There is no contract per se but we do recommend at least 6 months until you see how beneficial our services can be to your business. If you leave within the first few months chances are that you will reap a very short term benefit from us rather than a concrete one. To grow with us would mean that you can reap benefits that can last you a very long time in the future.

How many links can you provide me?

We do not sell our SEO services in Kerala based on links. Any SEO company Kerala that says they will provide you solutions based on links should not be relied on. We base our work on good quality content and links that can provide you a holistic approach to SEO ranking. Selling packages based on links can be detrimental as it forces companies to provide low-quality links. This can lead to a bad reputation for your website on Google.

I had a good rate of visitors to my website. Why did it suddenly drop?

This can be due to various factors. It can be a sudden change in the economic condition that might have affected the pattern of users or a change in Google’s algorithm. Google regularly changes and updates its algorithm for better user experience and to penalise those involved in going against Google’s rules. Either way, this can be rectified and you need not worry. As the best SEO company in Kerala, we can provide you with solutions and strategies to get your website up and running.

Why can’t I just buy a bunch of backlinks?

It may seem tempting to just buy a lot of backlinks from people claiming to provide them. But this goes against Google’s policy and if it gets caught it can do more harm than good to your website and of course business. Instead, a good SEO company in Kerala will provide a more round-edged approach of providing amazing keyword-based content, backlinks, and technical support.

Is this the same as paying for ads to improve my website’s visibility?

It is not. SEO strategies work on the lines of developing an organic way to get your site ranked at the top. It is beneficial for the long run as you will have greater content and a better website that has backlinks. It does not require you to pay for advertisements that give you a quick result but the effect remains short term.

How long will it take to see the results?

This would depend on various factors starting from the kind of website that you use to the competition your keywords have. Even the best SEO company in Kerala cannot promise to give you instant lasting results because if they do then be careful, It is probably a bunch of backlinks that can land you in trouble. If you have previously done no SEO based work on your website you can begin to see quicker results. Either way, by the end of your term with us you can see a visible difference in the growth of your ranking which will directly impact your leads and business effectively.

Who provides the contents you make? Is it sourced from another site?

Our contents are original, formulated by our professional team of content creators. Even the photographs required for your web page will be sourced from you or we make necessary arrangements to buy it from reliable sites. We take care that no content is copied or sourced unprofessionally.

How do I know if my website is improving and is ranking on Google?

Just search a keyword that we use on Google to know how far your website ranking has progressed. In fact, you don’t have to make any effort from your part because we will be sending you a transparent report regularly to let you know the work we do and where your website stands based on that. Transparency is a word that we try to perfect each day. Our reports are very detailed and any doubts or feedback will be promptly clarified or looked into. So sit back and relax as we help you rank in Google.

We have got the best and pocket-friendly SEO plans for you.

We understand how important it is to bring your business to a powerful space. This is why we have amazing SEO plans for you to get started. Our SEO plans start from ₹7000 onwards. We formulate strategies based on competition, technical factors, Keywords, backlink requirements, and more. Nevertheless, we assure you that you will leave out of the door completely satisfied with the results.