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Vineeth Mungath

CEO, Web designer, SEO specialist, and travel buff

As a youngster, I’ve always been passionate about the computer & internet. The way the internet worked blew my mind, it was a world of possibilities. I was quite sure that this was what my life would be about. I taught myself WordPress website designing and development. Once I got into it I couldn’t stop, I dived headfirst into web technologies, building a website, blogging and how to make money online through it.

That’s when it began…

In 2012, even before I finished my engineering I started doing freelance work. I have always been a doer and I proudly say that I’ve made a lot of mistakes during my initial years when I started a hosting business, It wasn’t a success but it made me learn more about this technology, that I aspired to work with for the rest of my life.

I completed my engineering course and decided to freelance for a year. It was during this time that I optimized a client’s website with Yoast SEO. That was an AHA!!! moment for me. It became a top-ranking website and the lead generation was incredible. The customer and I were leaping with joy.  It didn’t take long for me to understand that SEO would be my primary business.

I started Mungath IT solutions Pvt Ltd in 2014 and Registered By then I was single-handedly managing more than 50 WordPress installations and domains. I started a few more websites to get more leads and the freelance culture grew on me. I was truly enjoying my work and I wondered how many people can actually say that about themselves.

From Vineeth Mungath to ‘Vineeth Mungath & Team’ has been quite a growth. I expanded my business to social media marketing and management, and Google ads. It has been almost a decade of providing smart and effective marketing solutions to over 100s of businesses.

I’ve worked with several small and medium enterprises that have benefitted a great deal in increasing their reach and profit. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how challenging it can get to make your business visible in the eyes of potential customers. I have had to formulate plans and work accordingly so that you could find me here.

Our clients are spread across the globe. We cater to businesses in India, the USA, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Australia, Singapore, and Italy.

The services we offer can do wonders for your business as the strategies formulated are tailor-made for your type of business and goal. I always make sure that there is transparency in my work. Every step of my work will be explained to my client in detail so that they can grow along with us.

Through my experience and expertise over the years, I have been able to provide effective strategies to websites that receive traffic of over a million visitors a day. No two websites are the same and each website requires a different strategy. This is something I have understood for a long time and this is the reason for the success of this company

Nop. Not over yet…

My passion for travel led me to start and These are the two unique brands of mine in the travel segment that guides tourists in Kerala. The latter is exclusively for the Kerala boathouse. It has never taken a backseat from the time it commenced. My travel experiences have helped me better myself in life and work. I aspire to provide my clients with the same.

This is only a gist of what I am and what I do. That’s enough about me, now tell me about you so that I can help your story and business known to the world.