Which are the top 10 seo ranking factors?

Here is a list of top 10 seo ranking factors.

  1. Crawlability of website ( google uses programs called spiders for crawling your website)
  2. URL Structure (keep url shorter, use keywords to appear earlier, keep maximum 30-50 characters)
  3. Keywords (Key words in your content helps the spiders identify what your content is about)
  4. Content ( Content title appears in google SERP, Fresh, Unique, Informative authoritative content needed)
  5. Images count ( images with alt text)
  6. Internal Linking ( internal links helps users and google to navigate in website)
  7. Backlinks ( Authority of Linking Page,domain, high quality websites)
  8. Linking Root Domains ( More root domains refers to better ranking)
  9. Social Signals ( Facebook,twitter,google+ shares matters now)
  10. On-page Optimization ( keywords in title, description, h1,h2,h3,bold, italics, keyword density)