You Are looking for an SEO Expert in Pune, Right?

If you searching for the best SEO Expert in Pune who can rank your website in Google, then here we are. We can give you the best SEO solutions for your website. Our Organic SEO Services in Pune helps you achieve high quality and relevant traffic to your website and increase your business revenue. Choosing SEO freelancer in Pune will boost your web presence, bring visitors to your site and promote your online business.

Why Vineeth is best for your SEO Projects?

  • 5+ Years Experience as SEO Consultant
  • Onsite / Off site SEO Expert
  • No Yearly Contract for SEO Services

How the process of search engine optimization works?

After getting the website URL , VIneeth The SEO freelancer in pune will  analyse the website , competition using different SEO tools and based on the research we will generate a basic initial report for you.

Website Analysis

Website Analysis is a process in which we analyse a website and find out how well it is performing on search engines. Through this process we will find out the obstacles that is preventing your site from ranking high in search results. Keywords, Traffic Volume and Web content are analysed to generate analysis report.

Website Analysis will retrieve information on the ranking of keywords and traffic on website

Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis is basically understanding who our competitors are and getting insight of their strategies to see what is working for them and what is not. This will help us know the tasks we should prioritize to reverse-engineer their success to beat them. At the end of this analysis, we will give you a report on which keywords are valuable, which back link strategies are working for your competitors and what can be done to utilize them and grow your site’s traffic.

Developing SEO Strategy

On the basis of website analysis and competition analysis reports, SEO consultant in Pune Vineeth develop strategies to outrank your competitors and increase website traffic. Strategies are developed by improving the obstacles reported in website analysis and identifying keywords that can grow your traffic by leaps. All these can be efficiently performed by an experienced SEO Expert only.

On page SEO

On-Page optimization is how well the elements of your site is presented to the search engines. It helps you index your site and provides the search engine with a map of your website.

Key Elements of On-Page SEO:

  • Page titles
  • Meta Details
  • Heading Tags
  • URL Structure
  • Keyword Density
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Page Speeding
  • Site Map
  • Webmaster Tools (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

There are many SEO experts in Pune and in India. (Try searching “SEO expert india”  you will find many SEO freelancers) but for getting the maximum results from  an SEO project onsite SEO is the most important think. Vineeth will help you to improve your search visibility by optimizing the onsite part. Do you know that the HTML,CSS,Javascript code and website text content ratio can affect your ranking? Well yes Onsite SEO is deeper than your expectation. So you should be wise enough to choose the best seo expert in pune for your projects.


Off page Optimization involves optimizing the external factors and implementing strategies to build relationships with other sites that affects your ranking on search engine results.

Key Elements of Off-Page SEO:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Forum Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Image Sharing
  • Link Baiting
  • Business Reviews

Vineeth Mungath will be helping you in creating more backlinks and strategy will be to increase more referring domains for the website using the target keywords. Most of the SEO consults in Pune, India lists all the options available to build more back links, but we focus on building quality links only and we need to keep our brand as the “best SEO expert in Pune”

Here are some frequently asked questions. Check it out!

Yes, we do provide best SEO services in Pune for new website. If you are approaching us with a new website, it will be easy for us to provide expert SEO services in Pune. Applying SEO strategies from base by working in hand with developers to follow the SEO standards while building the website will help to rank higher in results.

The pricing depends upon the Target Market and Competition. Location of the target market such as which country or which city you are choosing will determine the cost of SEO freelancer in Pune. Present ranking of keywords and adwords performance are the other two factors that determine the cost of SEO services in Pune. When the adwords density is high, we will have to optimize the keywords to rank high and get better results.

No, SEO freelancer Pune offers monthly packages only, hence no long term contract is required. But it is important to know that, to obtain better results, you will have to wait for 3 – 4 months for small scale business. Business with high competition will take 6 – 12 months to reflect changes in results.

Yes, We do. If you provide us the access to your website, SEO can be performed online. On-Site SEO requires website access and Off-Site SEO can be performed from anywhere. SEO consultant in Pune have been helping multi national clients across the world to achieve their business objectives.

Result delivery duration of SEO consultant in Pune depends on the competition in your business area. Small scale business with comparatively low competition will take 3 – 4 months. Business with high competition will take 6 months to 1 year depending on the competitors and keywords

No. SEO expert in Pune never promises guarantee on results since it depends on the search engine rules. For example, if Google changes their rules and policy by an algorithm update, it may have positive or negative effect on the search results. But from the experience in SEO industry, SEO experts in Pune can tell what percentage of results can be delivered with what duration by following the best practices.

Definitely. SEO Consultant Pune  prefers WordPress Content Management system. We integrate Google analytics in it so that you can monitor the traffic, visitor count and all other related information in WordPress back end itself.  You can see these information after verifying your website with mail id in Webmaster tools and Google analytics.

Search Engine Optimization is of two types; On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. SEO Consultant Pune works by following these two types of processes. We complete On-Site activities stage wise within a month. Second month onward we will start link building activities by setting target based on competitors. We develop strategies by dividing them into equal months. At the end of each month, SEO Consultant in will generate reports such as ranking report, activities report, SEO tool based reports which gives website performance. By comparing these report, we will know what are the elements that needs improvement.

Security of website depends on the hosting partner . In some cases, we host in our own servers. If you are you are planning for a new website, we recommend to use SEO agency Pune’s server as it will give us a better access to your website and improve On-Site optimization , security and other factors. If you are hosting your website outside, security can be assured by a web hosting manager.

Seo specialist Pune basically provides SEO Consultancy. On-Site activities and Off-Site activities like link building. We also provide Social media integration and content marketing as supportive SEO services

SEO specialist in Pune have quality assurance standards. We generate a initial report before beginning the work and on the end of each month to reflect the changes in results. By comparing these we will know the growth. SEO specialist Pune provides quality services only and since they do not have any long term contracts, clients have the freedom to continue or discontinue our services. We also provide services with non-disclosure agreements which must be informed prior to the work starts. There will be variations in pricing for such services.

Usually such a situation do not arise. From the beginning, initial report onward we specify everything to our clients. SEO Consultancy Pune do not offer any SEO services that cannot be fulfilled by them. SEO consultancy in Pune do not guarantee 100% results instead they promise results based on their analysis/experience in SEO industry. Hence our clients are happy with our SEO services in Pune. We can provide SEO services in Pune in an affordable budgets for you.

For the past 6 years, SEO agency Pune is active as an SEO Consultancy company in India. You can find us ranked top 5 in Google search results as SEO expert in India or SEO Consultant in India or SEO Freelancer in India.

SEO freelancer follows monthly billing process. The billing cycle starts five days after the work begins. We have advance payment policy for which invoice will be raised within 5 days from your billing date.

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