Looking for the Best SEO company in Calicut? Worried about choosing the right SEO services in Calicut?

Your lookout for the best SEO Company in Calicut ends here. You probably typed the keywords SEO Company Calicut on Google, eventually leading you here. As a professional SEO company in Calicut, we provide you with comprehensive solutions to increase your visibility online. Unlike other SEO services in Calicut, we focus on multiple factors that may affect your website’s ranking. Google SEO services are offered by multiple companies but the question is, are they well equipped to handle your website according to your niche? We help you get maximum visibility, which means you get an edge over your competitors.

How can you choose the right SEO services in Calicut

Any search engine optimisation company in Calicut will tell you that they are the best. But how can you know which SEO company Calicut truly is? It can get difficult to know this when you are not professionally involved in this. Don’t worry about it though. Because we have you covered here. Here is a set of questions that you can ask your potential SEO Company Calicut.

How can you choose the right SEO services in Calicut

Any search engine optimisation company in Calicut will tell you that they are the best. But how can you know which SEO company Calicut truly is? It can get difficult to know this when you are not professionally involved in this. Don’t worry about it though. Because we have you covered here. Here is a set of questions that you can ask your potential SEO Company Calicut.

Very often, most SEO companies in Calicut will tell you about the number of links they can build for you. Don’t get us wrong here, link building is extremely important when it comes to SEO but many SEO companies in Calicut that tell you this usually use black hat SEO techniques which can get you blacklisted in Google. It might take more than a month or perhaps a year to get your website up and running.

Good SEO services in Calicut will ask about your company and what results from you will want from this service. They will formulate a strategy that maintains a balance between on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Look out for SEO services Calicut that asks for what you need for your business, not a company that guarantees to get you a number one position. Because that is unrealistic. Each firm has its requirements. For instance, a local company can get more traffic by doing local SEO and Google My Business. You need an SEO company Calicut that asks and analyses everything about your company. And success is when it helps you achieve your goals.

Be wary of people who offer you link by quantity. A hundred links from different sites can’t do as much as 2 or 3 really good, quality links from relevant authoritative sites. In fact, such link building activities can lead to the downfall of your website as it is against Google’s policy. Don’t fall for the high numbered links that people can provide, Look for people who give you link building as part of a comprehensive solution.

This depends on several factors. The structure of your website, whether you have done any SEO activities before and so on. If you have previously done no SEO activity, results will show up really fast. A good SEO strategy takes time. This does not in any way mean that SEO companies in Calicut cannot provide you with a time frame.

If SEO services in Calicut tell you that they cannot provide you with a report, run the other way. Any professional SEO company in Kerala will give you a proper report. They have the required tools and software to track the changes that happen each day according to the work that they do. Your potential SEO service in Calicut should give you a report on a weekly or monthly basis so that you understand the improvement their services have made to your website.

You might think that this question requires you to read up more about the different tools. But not really. Just be aware of the answers that they give you. If you feel like they have tried multiple numbers of tools and tell you why one is better than the rest, you can be sure that they keep themselves updated. These are people who try new things to better their services.

Is SEO really important for my Company?

Imagine this. You hire someone to make a new website for you. You tell them specifically that you want the best design and that you are willing to pay for it. Ever wondered how people will find your website among billions of other websites? Search engines! At least 88% of consumers who have access to the internet find services that they need by searching on the search engine.

Out of this, almost 80% of people use Google as their main search engine. This is why Google is a whole new world of possibilities. Statistically speaking very few people are likely to even choose results that are below 5th place on Google. Most people choose from the first 3 results that are displayed on Google. So, do we need to explain further why Google SEO services are important?


Ranking on top of the Google results is something that can organically get you more traffic on your website. It increases you brand value and reliability in the eyes of viewers as they constantly see your website dominating Google results. It is longer lasting than paid advertisements. Increased traffic leads to great leads which can eventually be the cause of your increasing profits. Sounds great, doesn’t it? For all this to happen you need professional SEO services in Calicut to optimise your website. The value you get out of this will be in two folds.

Why choose Vineeth Muganth & team as your SEO company Calicut?

This is a field we have been working in for several years now. Our knowledge is not simply from rote-learning but experience. We are always on the move when it comes to keeping ourselves updated about Google SEO services in Calicut. Every algorithm change is taken note of. We are dynamic and flexible.

We promise you results for our services

As the best SEO company in Calicut, we assure you absolute results which can be measured. Yes ! you heard it right. We have several SEO strategies up our sleeve which can increase traffic to your website. This would mean a better reach and visibility that will lead to increased profits for your business. We understand that each firm is different and it requires a unique plan. By the end of your time with us, we would have created a tangible and positive impact on your company.

We are specialists in the field of SEO services Calicut.

A lot of SEO companies in Calicut that are into digital marketing will provide SEO as an add on service. These are people who are generalists in the field. The probably would have scratched the surface of such a massive niche. SEO is a complete subject on its own. It requires specialization. This is where our SEO Company in Calicut comes in. SEO is not just an add on service for us. This is our field of specialization which means our entire focus and efforts will be in providing this service in the best form.

We provide you 100% transparency

We do not hide anything here. Be it cost details or requirements. Everything will be discussed and made clear. We make it a point to provide you with complete details of the plan and how far we have taken it for your company. We completely analyze your website and let you know of the required corrections. Every action we take along the way will be made visible to you so that you are always aware and in the loop as your company advances.

The types of SEO you should know about.

SEO is a vast subject and for it to be successful it has to be a blend of all the different aspects of SEO. Focussing on just one type is not enough for the sustainable growth of your company. SEO is not merely link building and keyword-based content. There are 3 main types of SEO

On-site SEO

This aims at making the contents within the webpage easily understandable by Google. For example, if Google SEO Calicut and Google will first show results that are optimized with these keywords simply because they seem more relevant. Onsite SEO deals with keyword research, content creation, managing headings, and paragraphs, etc.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is how you strengthen your website by building links with other websites. If done properly you can establish your website as a relevant and authoritative website. Therefore it is essential to make great quality backlinks in highly authoritative webpages.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO as the name suggests, refers to the technical aspect of a website. This improves readability and user-friendliness of the website. The quality and structure of the site are looked into here. Crawlability, speed of the website, security, etc are some things covered here.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the ultimate process if you are a service provider based in a certain geographical location. This is slightly different from mainstream SEO although it fairly compliments Google ranking too. What is this you ask? Google My Business or GMB. Google My Business is a free online directory of sorts that lets you share information about your company so that when people search for you, your records are shown quite prominently even before the organic results. Making use of this tool is sort of like applying for a free ad that too on the most popular search engine. Google allows you to make posts too so that you can keep updating various things about your company. There are options to add a call to action buttons, reviews, and ratings. This improves your customers’ trust and interaction with you.

SEO related services we offer.

SEO content writing

SEO based content writing is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Our team of professional content writers is up to date with the nuances of day to day language. It requires the skill to place the right keywords in the right place. This is one of the many SEO related services that we offer here.

SEO friendly website designing

To design a website that is user friendly and easily crawlable by Google is what is meant by SEO friendly website designing. Google and other search engines try to understand your text and follow links by crawling on your website. But if your website is not to search engine friendly, it can cause a barrier to getting yourself ranked. This is why we have a special team of designers well equipped to create it for you.

Google ads.

As a popular search engine, it could only be surprising if there were no ads. Google allows users to publish ads on its results page. If you want quick results and don’t mind spending some money on it this is a great thing to check out. Ads are placed above the organic results. We help you make use of this awesome service the right way so that you get the full benefit from it.

Facebook page management and ads

Facebook is yet another massive platform that is used by millions of people. It is a great way to market your business and increase visibility. It is a massive database that can give you great leads based on their tastes and preferences. Facebook provides the option of ads too. Regularly managing your Facebook page can also draw the attention of people. These are the services that we do.

You are only a single click away from having the business of your dreams. We help your business reach its full potential.

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