Digital Marketing Agency- Franchisee Opportunity

Partnership Program for Digital Marketing

How Does it Work

  • DO you know someone who needs Website, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or Digital Marketing in your city or your region
  • W provide marketing material, Proposals, Agreement to the clients in Your Brand Name.
  • W can do all the services listed above with high quality, high ROI, and Affordable Pricing .
  • You talk to the business owner, make a lead and pass it to us. We will give you 50% Commission on each lead.

Who Can Apply

  • No restrictions here, if you know some one with the above services requirements , you can be a partner with us.

How Much Money Can i Make

  • It depends on your contacts and marketing tricks.

Your commission ranges from 500 USD – 1000 USD per Lead

So if you make 5 leads a month you get 5 x 500= 2500 USD  minimum to 5 x 1000=5000 USD


Please get in touch with us for details